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We have long recognised the fact that Holmlpatrick Cove is unique. A twenty five acre site with 650 yards of coastline, situated on the southern edge of the award-winning town, Skerries, it was incumbent on us to do justice to such a special place. This coastal location is arguably the best site on the east coast of Ireland, with its panoramic views of four offshore islands, the Rockabill lighthouse and the Mourne Mountains to the north. With all of this in mind, we appointed a team of Ireland's top planning consultants, architects, landscape architects and engineers to create a great Masterplan. We are delighted to say that they have done so and we now have a blueprint that truly reflects our original vision.

We have agreed the Masterplan with Fingal County Council, which enshrines Holmpatrick Cove as part of the Development Plan. We can now look forward to meaningful engagement with interested parties and entering the final phase of the process which will achieve the goal of delivering Holmpatrick Cove.

If you are interested in any of the elements of Holmpatrick Cove, hotel, leisure, residential etc. please feel free to contact us at contact@holmpatrickcove.com

Michael Branagan & Alison Ryan

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